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Creating pictures in Pastel

I was born and educated in Norfolk, England and having nurtured a passion for drawing since childhood, I studied at Great Yarmouth School of Art before embarking on a full time career in design and marketing.

It is only in later life that I began to concentrate on the fine art of soft pastel, choosing landscapes as my main subjects.

I love being outdoors, walking the beaches or visiting the large expansive countryside of East Anglia. It's taken years for me to carefully study and then draw the light and shadows of this landscape. I've purposely paired down my strokes of soft pastel to provide only the essential information; creating a sense of place.

My style is intentional and expressive. Thicker strokes offer weight while lighter strokes provide lightness and breath. When layering colours I'm conscious of nature's atmospheric influence especially as the sun emerges or dwindles.

I am a member of the Norfolk & Norwich Art Circle and the Wymondham Art Society.

Should you wish to purchase any of my pictures or commission one, please call me on 01603 437503 for an initial discussion.

David Green